Game Scenerios At Alpha 55


An airsoft skirmish simulates military engagements using replica firearms that shoot biodegradable BBs. Some participants gear up in tactical clothing and protective gear, resembling soldiers or law enforcement officers or even civilian gear in the case of new recruits and even some experienced players! (they’re looking for someone in camo remember!)

As the skirmish begins, teams strategise and navigate through the terrain, which features natural obstacles like trees, bushes, and buildings and artificial structures such as barricades and forts. The objective varies from game to game but commonly includes scenarios like attack and defend or objective-based missions.

Players communicate using hand signals, radios, or verbal commands to coordinate movements and execute tactics. The game unfolds with intense moments of stealth, ambushes, and close-quarters combat as adversaries engage each other from various distances.

Overall, airsoft skirmishes offer participants an adrenaline-pumping experience that combines teamwork, strategy, and simulation and is a great pastime for new recruits and airsoft veterans alike.


An airsoft battlesim focuses solely on force-on-force fighting and objective-taking typically involves intense combat scenarios where players engage in continuous action to secure or defend specific objectives within a designated area.

Participants are divided into opposing teams or factions, each with its own set of objectives and goals. The primary objective is often to seize control of key locations, retrieve sensitive items, or complete mission-specific tasks while thwarting the efforts of the opposing team.

Teams must employ strategic planning, communication, and coordination to outmanoeuvre their adversaries and achieve their objectives successfully. The gameplay can be dynamic and fast-paced, with players constantly on the move, engaging in firefights, and utilising cover and concealment to gain tactical advantages.

Milsim/Roleplay Events

An airsoft MILSIM (Military Simulation) event is a highly immersive and realistic simulation of military operations, designed to provide participants with an authentic experience akin to real-world military scenarios.

MILSIM events often span multiple days and involve intricate narratives, mission objectives, and detailed command structures. Participants are organised into teams or units, each with specific roles and responsibilities mirroring those of real military forces.

The gameplay in MILSIM events emphasises realism, strategy, and teamwork. Participants must adhere to strict rules of engagement, communication protocols, and tactical procedures to successfully complete missions and achieve objectives. Commanders and squad leaders play pivotal roles in coordinating movements, issuing orders, and making strategic decisions in response to changing battlefield conditions.


The Raids are something very special to Alpha 55 that (as far as we know) aren’t replicated anywhere. A great introduction to a more tactical style of play where players are put into a force to achieve objectives against ‘bad guys’ set out in the game area to thwart you where possible.

We run these in ‘chapters’ which dictate the style of aggression from the ‘bad guys’ and also what load-out or clothing they are wearing for the event.

You may find yourself crawling on your belly to cut wires on an airsoft pipe bomb while your team mates cover you, patrolling through 30 acres with vehicle support or even ambushes by a mortar strike while you try to reform to push the enemy back into hiding.

Missions tend to last between 2 and 3 hours and cover the full 30 acres with 1 hard respawn point and medic stations spread throughout the site to get you back in the game as quickly as possible.

We add character, roleplay and more to these events and they a firm favourite for staff and players alike.