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The Best Outdoor Airsoft Battleground
In North Wales!

Welcome to Alpha 55, North Wales’ premier airsoft site. Designed with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of what airsoft players seek, Alpha 55 is more than just a field – it’s a complete combat simulation experience. Here, we blend realistic settings with strategic gameplay to create a uniquely immersive environment. Whether you’re maneuvering through natural landscapes or engaging in close-quarters battles in our custom-built structures, Alpha 55 offers an airsoft experience that is both authentic and exciting. Step into Alpha 55, where every game is a new adventure and the thrill of airsoft comes to life.

what is airsoft

Airsoft Is An Active Sport And Not For The Faint of Heart!

Airsoft weapon often resembles real firearms, but the replicas shoot small plastic 6mm BBs. In its nature, airsoft is similar to first-person shooting video games, and it allows experiencing realistic battle and tactical scenario gameplay.


Hours & Pricing

Site Fee - ALL DAY

£35/ all day
  • All Day of Open Play
  • Bring Your Own Equipment or Book One of Our Hire Packages
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Rental Kit

£15/ Full Day
  • Full Day Rental Kit
  • Includes Rental Gun, Magazine, Safety Mask, 2500 BBs
  • Site Fee Required Separately
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We look forward to seeing you in the field!