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Safety Eye Wear

At Alpha 55, we value everyone’s safety, and while it’s not a risk-free sport, we do everything we can to minimize the chance of permanent injury occurring. For this reason, eye protection is MANDATORY, and anyone seen without it in any game area will be immediately asked to leave the premises. This is for your own safety.

PLEASE NOTE: Any Under 18 Participants MUST wear a full face covering at all times on the field. This is a legal requirement, and anyone seen removing their face protection in the field will be asked to leave immediately.

There are many different forms of eye protection that you can wear, from mesh to ballistic glasses to even full masks. While it’s your choice to choose what to wear it must be up to standard that will protect you in the case of a bb hitting you in the eye.

At Alpha 55, we can only let you out onto the field if you are wearing something that will protect you in the event of a BB being shot at you directly. If you have any doubts feel free to contact us or speak with one of our helpful marshals on the day!

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