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Alpha 55 Away Day June 2024

As everyone seemed interested!….

RAID 2024

June 7th-9th: HQ Airsoft venue ran by Defiant Events

After hearing good things about Defiant Events and having some lackluster milsims, we thought we’d head over to their battlesim to see what the atmosphere was like and how it was run.

The sides were simple: ‘Spearhead’ vs. ‘Tomahawk,’ or to put it simpler, tan vs. green (though the odd ATACS element did confuse things at times).

We were set up upstairs of a building classed as our HQ or FOB. Our squad consisted of 10 players, and we had set into roles of Commander, 2IC, and Radio Operator (dealing with command).

Our DS or command were set up downstairs with radio comms to all squads.

One big thing that had us all excited for the event were some of the general rules in place, which are as follows:

– Only 1 DMR/Sniper in play at a time per squad

– DMRs must look like a recognized platform

– Only 1 LMG in play at a time

– No cut-down LMGs; must be at least 4.5kg

– If it’s not an LMG, SINGLE SHOT ONLY!

– 5-minute bleed out and 1 tourniquet medic

As you may be able to tell, the single shot only rule really piqued my interest, and if I’m honest, it was a game changer.

The game started after a really good solid brief at 11:00 and End Ex was 11:00 the next day with no break in play and in-game digs (keeping eye protection on while sleeping is a must).

Everyone was given orienteering cards and we were tasked with stamping 10 locations, and we had 24 hours in which to do so. This meant everyone had to search the whole site and not just stick to the same area. Once all stamped, they had to be given to the DS and added to team points for overall results.

The overall mission basically ran different secure, hold, or ‘move this’ objectives for us, whether that be securing a building for us or getting it off them.

Both teams’ DS had orange capture cards for additional points as well, but they were quite tricky to do (which was the point).

We had all invested in new radios, which were big boys, but they performed amazingly throughout and most were still fully charged at the end of the event. Shortly into the event, we left the assigned channels and changed to one of Alpha’s UHF channels as there was too much overlap from other channels. Adam, our RO, had a second radio connected to comms and kept us in the loop while also doing loads of work for the other teams to find objectives like the orienteering task.

The guys were armed as follows:

– Dan: TM MWS M4 with a Glock as a sidearm

– Martin: Systema PTW with a Glock (though he basically used anything he could get hold of)

– Adam: TM MWS M4 with Glock sidearm

– Jack: Systema PTW with a MK23 sidearm

– Josh: A TM AKM with a Glock sidearm

– Dayle: TM Scar with FNX sidearm

– Dolan: VFC 723 and TM 226

– Greg: TM MP7 with HK45 sidearm

– Gaz: TM MWS AKM with HK45 sidearm

– Luke: TM MWS AKX with Glock sidearm

We had gone with black pants, M81 shirts, and M81 boonie hats so we could follow each other (though Jack turned up with a ridiculous moustache and dead man’s shoes style jacket).

Our section weapons were used when needed and included an HPA PKM with a thermal sight, the mortor with multi bangs and an SSG10a3 Bolt Action. Both were used extensively.

I won’t go into everything that happened but will say we all had a fantastic weekend. The single shot rule meant no over-killing, and the LMG/sniper/DMR rules meant that those platforms had more impact when they came into the fray.

Overall, our team Tomahawk won the event, but it was close, and to be honest, who cares? The firefights were amazing, the site was great, and the teamwork was top-notch.

If you like the sound of this why not come try one of our RAID events or get involved in the upcoming Battlesim event……

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